Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science

Marine sciences are challenged by the drastic increase in data streams from satellites, connected observatories, autonomous instruments, high-resolution models, video streams from the water column and seafloor and the range of ‘Omics’. The traditional domains of physical oceanography, marine biology and chemistry, geophysics and geology need to gather and develop information & data science tools to effectively utilize this amount of data, and to form improved insights to the processes of marine systems and their changes in a warming climate.

The “Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science” (MarDATA) is a concept for a graduate school, proposed to the Helmholtz Association. If funded, it will define and educate a new type of “marine data scientists” by introducing and embedding researchers from computer sciences and mathematics into ocean sciences, covering a broad range from supercomputing and modelling, (bio)informatics, robotics, to statistics and big data methodologies. Researchers from the German leading institutes for marine research, GEOMAR and AWI, will jointly educate and supervise PhD candidates together with information & data science specialists from their partner universities in Kiel and Bremen. The broad education in joint block courses, international summer schools and colloquia will go beyond a single discipline towards genuine scientific insight into and a more systematic treatment of marine data.